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my anaconda don’t want none




stop hating on girls who wanna kiss people in museums or aquariums or art galleries stop hating on girls who want things that might be cliche stop hating on girls who want boys to treat them like they’re magic i will protect all girls with my life and just because they care about things that you don’t doesn’t give you the right to belittle them ok i will fight u


If Tumblr was a movie I’d probably be the extra in the background no one notices

Sometimes on long car journeys, I look down and see my hands linked inside each other and I become aware of how warm and soft and safe they feel.
And never am I wishing one of them was yours because it’s wouldn’t be nearly as pleasant.
Skin is an itchy coat that only gets kinder with age.
I got a lot prettier when I realised I didn’t give a shit about what anyone else thought.

I have to break my fingers apart though; Just to compare to how cold I felt before.
This is what recovery always is for me.
I dip my toe just so I am sure that what I have now is better.
If you enter the river blindfolded you’re bound the fall into the current
But the air you breathe when you splutter to the surface will be lightest brightest air you ever filled yourself with.

When I’m really thirsty. Truly, bad taste in the back of my throat thirsty, I get myself the coldest glass of water and pretend like it’s the first water I’ve ever tasted.
I’m not religious but there is magic in a pint glass of icy water and sticky parched tongue. Miracles have happened for less and I’m not about to argue with the suggestion that I spend too much time in my head, I know I do, but I wouldn’t spend a second in anyone else’s.

I wish more people linked their own hands for long periods of time and stopped
Pretending that they aren’t both their own. You need to learn to trust your hands to touch your own body without it combusting because it’ll be a holocaust if some else’s touches you first.

This is not a poem about failure; I know that now.

"Knuckle Lines" R.R-P (wildwritings)

*”Holocaust pre-WWII meant the complete destruction of something. “

You can interpret in your own ways why I used this word, It is not intended to be offensive.

(via wildwritings)


Dear Mr. Flocka Flame, in the attached file you will find my resumé,


Dear Mr. Flocka Flame, in the attached file you will find my resumé,

Dangers of online friends:


-You become emotionally attached.
-You can’t hug them whenever you want to which is something you often forget.
-You find people who don’t judge you. At all.
-You have to learn time zones. That’s a real bummer.
-You find people who love you for you.
-You sometimes cry because you just love them so much and get super emotional when you realize they are thousands of miles away from you.




I can’t wait to watch as tumblr’s servers crash on Sunday. 


no you come back here right now


honor students cheat more than anybody